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OCTOBER 22-23, 2024

Conference Team

Event Director & Relationships

Dan Joyce, CEHP
705-328-5323 (9-5 ET)

Dan is a long-time member of the Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM), and has enjoyed a 30+ year career in event management producing a variety of trade/consumer shows, conferences, and virtual events that includes the World Conference in Disaster Management (WCDM) in 2013 and 2014. In 2017 Dan managed the transition of WCDM into Continuity & Resilience Today, and the Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference and continues to produce both of these conferences today. His other career focus is Continuing Medical Education with over 15 years of facilitating CME for family physicians.  

Business Manager & Sales

April Joyce, BSCS, IC
647-739-0081 (9-5 ET)

April is an “organization extraordinaire” and provides exceptional services to her many clients, (see Joyce Consultations that helps small businesses thrive). In addition to managing J&J Exposition, marketing & social media for CRT/DEMCON, April also manages La Muzé, a design studio dedicated towards Interior Design, Decoration, Colour Consults and Canvas Paintings, as well as AuriaMed, a Medical Tourism agency connecting clients with top doctors in Istanbul, Turkey.

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