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OCTOBER 22-23, 2024

Conference Team

Event Director & Relationships

Dan Joyce, CEHP
705-328-5323 (9-5 ET)

Dan is a long-time member of the Canadian Association of Exposition Management(CAEM), and has enjoyed a 30+ year career in event management with over 150 events under his belt producing a variety of trade/consumer shows, conferences, and virtual events that includes the World Conference in Disaster Management (WCDM) in 2013 and 2014. In 2017 Dan managed the transition of WCDM into Continuity & Resilience Today, and the Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference and continues to produce both of these conferences today. His other career focus is Continuing Medical Education with over 15 years of CME expertise and a member of the Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education

Business Manager & Sales

April Joyce, BSCS, IC
647-759-0081 (9-5 ET)

April is an “organization extraordinaire” and provides exceptional services to her many clients, (see Joyce Consultations that helps small businesses thrive). In addition to managing J&J Expositions and marketing & social media for CRT/DEMCON, April also manages La Muzé, a design studio dedicated towards Interior Design, Decoration, Colour Consults and Canvas Paintings, as well as AuriaMed, a Medical Tourism agency connecting clients with top doctors in Istanbul, Turkey.

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