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OCTOBER 22-23, 2024

Juvare Canada Client Round Table: 
“Sharing Emergency Management Best Practices Using WebEOC”
Recorded: October 26, 2021

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Emergencies and Disaster in Canada and around the globe are increasing in frequency, severity and cost. Hundreds of organizations rely on Juvare’s software solutions to optimize information sharing that empowers preparedness and response professionals to protect people, property, and brands.

Join us in this interactive roundtable that brings together emergency management professionals from both Canadian government and utility sectors to discuss how Juvare’s emergency management software (WebEOC) is being used today.

In this webinar, you will hear directly from your emergency management colleagues on:

  • WebEOC User Adoption: challenges and strategies.
  • Critical Processes automated using WebEOC and areas for improvement.
  • Training and Exercises: What works – what doesn’t – what’s needed?
  • The Road Ahead: Client plans for WebEOC.

We will also demonstrate some of the latest WebEOC features that optimize emergency management processes and information sharing in virtual environments.

MODERATOR: Mike Morrow
Director, Business Development and Client Success
Juvare Canada

Mike is a 30-year, emergency management software pioneer who has worked alongside first responders and emergency manager’s around the globe to enhance disaster preparedness and response capabilities.  Mike leads Juvare Canada’s customer engagement and growth, supporting  federal, provincial, local emergency management agencies and private enterprises across Canada.

Sarah Foster
Section Manager Emergency Plan Programs

Bruce Power

Sarah is the Section Manager of Emergency Plan Programs for Canada’s first private nuclear generator – Bruce Power. Bruce Power’s 2,300-acre site on the shores of Lake Huron houses the Bruce A and B generating stations, which each hold four CANDU reactors. Sarah has been working with WebEOC for many years and is Bruce Power’s WebEOC Administrator.

Jason Mew
Director, Incident Management Division

Nova Scotia Emergency Management Organization

Jason brings over 25 years of work experience, five within NS EMO as the Director of the Incident Management Division, twenty of those within the Canadian Coast Guard, and five within the private sector. Jason has been working with WebEOC for over a year to automate emergency response processes within the Provincial Coordination Centre and among stakeholders across Nova Scotia.

Heather Sorko
Systems Coordinator

Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization

Heather started her career at Manitoba Emergency Organization during the devastating Red River flood in 1997 when the provincial response to this flood was run from a boardroom table. Heather now has over 20 years of experience at Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization working in both the Preparedness & Response section and the Mitigation & Recovery section of the organization. Heather was instrumental to grow the response coordination from a boardroom to a dedicated 30 seat provincial coordination centre with established guidelines, procedures and technologies including WebEOC. Heather has been the prime administrator of WebEOC since its purchase in 2009.

Stan Whatmough
Section Manager, Emergency Preparedness Programs
Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

As Ontario’s largest clean electricity generator, OPG produces about half of the province’s power using our diverse portfolio of publically-owned generating assets. Stan is the Section Manager of Enterprise Emergency Management Programs at OPG, overseeing the Emergency Preparedness programs at both Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Generating Sites.  He is focused on constantly improving the program, including a focus on Equipment Important to emergency response, remote evaluation of Drills during Covid and modernizing facilities. Previous roles include Section Manager of Contracts Maintenance, Civil Maintenance and Outage control manager.

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