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On-Demand Webinar

Keeping People Safe and Business Operations Running with an Effective Communication Strategy

Recorded: July 15th, 2020

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Webinar Overview:
In recent years we’ve witnessed an increase in the severity of catastrophic weather events, the largest observed cybercrime in our history, and are now living through a once-in-a-century global pandemic. While each event is unique in its manifestation, collectively they represent prime examples of unpredictable and significant disruptions to businesses continuity and government operability as we’ve ever witnessed.

Without an effective communication process and a properly designed crisis communication program, organizations can be left fumbling in the dark during these vulnerable times. The global pandemic tested even the most diligently prepared organizations, and now as we look towards transitioning from the abrupt shift to social distancing and remote work back to the familiarity of our offices and communal spaces, it will be important to have the structures in place to successfully negotiate the complexities of diverse and evolving guidelines from hundreds of regional authorities and will require a high level of situational awareness to manage it effectively.

In this session we will share best practices on communicating and collaborating securely in times of crisis and how organizations are using technology to achieve resiliency and adaptability as they navigate their return to work plans.

Michael Akpata
North American Lead for Policing, Public Safety,
and Investigations for BlackBerry AtHoc

Michael Akpata joined BlackBerry on March 4th, 2019 as the Senior Enterprise Account Manager Athoc. He is now the North American Lead for Policing, Public Safety, and Investigations for BlackBerry AtHoc. Mike worked for IBM Canada as the Team Lead Public Safety, Investigations, & Counter Fraud i2 National Sales and the SME for Canadian Law enforcement for 3 years. Mike served 20+ years with the Windsor Police Service in Windsor Ontario. Then Senior Constable Akpata was assigned to the Financial Crimes and Arson Unit where he served as both an Arson and Fraud investigator. Mike specialized in power of attorney fraud and financial crimes against seniors. Mike has had a diverse career with the Windsor Police Service which has seen him assigned to drugs and gangs, break and enter, training branch, and uniform patrol. For 4 years, he was the Ontario Police Memorial Sergeant Major, and had been the Windsor Police Honour Guard Sergeant Major since 1998.

As a Windsor Police Officer Mike has been recognized and has received several awards including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Neal Jessop award for excellence and the Senior Constable John Atkinson Memorial Award. In 2015, he was recognized by the Coordinated Community Response Coalition of Wayne and Oakland County (Michigan) and was named the Advocate of the Year for Older Adults.

Mike retired from the Canadian Armed Forces primary reserve with 26 years of service. In 2007, he served in Afghanistan with 2nd battalion Royal Canadian Regiment where he received both the Taskforce Commander’s Commendation, and the Area Commander’s Commendation. Mike stays active with veteran’s issues and is currently involved with the Operation Stress Injury support group, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion.

In 2014 Mike ran and was elected to the position of Councillor for the Town of LaSalle where he resides with his wife Sheri and his 2 children Reece and Regan. He was subsequently re-elected to council in October of 2018.

Mike is active in volunteering with the LaSalle Sabres minor club and coaches one of his children’s hockey teams. He is the Prevention Services Coordinator for two local hockey teams, the LaSalle Vipers, and the Lakeshore Canadiens, and has billeted junior hockey players in his home. He was the Military Liaison on the Windsor Host Committee for the 2017 MasterCard Memorial Cup, and recently joined the Canadian Hockey League Memorial Cup 2018 Committee.