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On-Demand Webinar

The Digital Path to Business Resilience and Continuity

Recorded: December 10, 2020

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Webinar Overview:
According to research from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, it is estimated that $1.3 billion has been lost due to weather and climate disasters in the year 2019 across Canada. Natural disasters are on the rise and it is no secret that these events are serious threats to public safety as well as organizational resilience.

Emergency managers prepare for severe weather events by planning evacuation routes, mapping surge zones, organizing shelter operations, and updating policies and procedures. However, responding to a natural disaster may flounder if communication strategies are not planned effectively.

This webinar will cover challenges in severe weather response and how to better critical communication strategies for city, county, region, province, and territory organizations. Whether you are looking to improve existing strategies or are just getting started, attending Challenges in Severe Weather Response can improve your process as we answer critical strategic questions such as:

  • How do I gain situational clarity about a threat and its potential impact?
  • How can I take quick and appropriate actions to mitigate the impact of a threat?
  • What are the challenges in responding to a severe weather event?
  • How can I monitor multiple areas during a natural disaster threat?
  • How do I define roles, responsibilities, and expectations?
  • How do I communicate to those in danger and receive information back?
  • What does proper plan execution look like during a severe weather event?

There is no room for error when your community faces a severe weather threat. Attend this speaking series to ensure you can meet the duty of care expectations of your valued residents.

Brian Toolan
Senior Director, Public Sector Industry Solutions

Speaker Bio:
Brian Toolan joined the Everbridge family in April 2016 as the Technical Account Manager for the AlertFlorida Statewide notification system, and currently serves as Senior Director, Public Sector Industry Solutions. Brian came to Everbridge after completing a 24-year career in public safety with the State of Connecticut. Brian served as the program manager for the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force where he gained valuable experiencing utilizing the Everbridge platform as a customer.

Brian was also the Operations Chief for the State Emergency Operations Center and served the State during historic blizzards, hurricanes, floods, the largest natural gas power plant explosion in the US and other natural and man-made disasters. While serving as the TAM in Florida, Brian has assisted the State Division of Emergency Management in the Florida Emergency Operations Center during Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma.