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OCTOBER 22-23, 2024


The Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (DEMCON) had its beginning in 1990 when the World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM) was founded by a small group of emergency management professionals and launched in Hamilton, Ontario. Initially WCDM hosted emergency managers and first responders. This soon morphed to include business continuity, a relatively new profession emerging on the scene. WCDM grew, moved to larger facilities in Toronto and acquired an international following as a premier disaster management conference. During the same time the Program changed to cater exclusively to emergency managers and business continuity professionals. 
26 years later it became apparent that these two professional pillars, emergency management and business continuity, had each matured (and diverged) to the point where these professionals yearned for their own distinct Program. Hence WCDM was re-branded in 2018 as the Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference, and Continuity & Resilience Today, (CRT). Although these two conferences are co-located together and it may appear to be the same as the old WCDM, each conference has its own distinct Planning Committee delivering their own Program on the specific needs of emergency managers and business continuity professionals. Today DEMCON & CRT continue to be Canada’s premier events in their respective communities.

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Who Should Attend

The Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference brings together emergency management professionals to share best practices and critical lessons learned. You will have the opportunity to build important new relationships with peers and organizations strengthening your overall emergency management plans.

Why Attend

Adds up to Value for Your Time!

Pictures from past events including
Continuity & Resilience Today,
the Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference,
and the World Conference of Disaster Management

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